Marketing Solutions
We can develop and establish a personality for your company...

If you are looking to add personality to your services, products or company, Allen & Goel Marketing can help.

We provide graphic design services starting with logo creation and brand development. We have the ability to create an entirely new look and will consistently apply it to a complete line of advertising, print and Internet materials. We will work with you to determine how you would like your customers to view your company and listen to any ideas you may have. We will discuss what sets your company apart from your competitors and determine how to best portray this to your clients.

After perfecting your company’s new image, we have just what you need to establish your brand:

  • Promotional Products - keep your name where it is most effective, in front of your current customers and future prospects.
  • Print items - such as letterhead and postcard mailings, allow the customers
    to continually associate your company with your new image.
  • Custom Website - takes your brand to the Internet, where it is constantly accessible
    by the customer.

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Featured Case Study
Morgan Properties

Problem :
Morgan Properties is growing and their current branding is outdated and inconsistent.

Solution :
We sat down with Morgan Properties and discussed how they wanted to portray their company to their residents and prospective residents. Afterwards, we took their feedback and developed their new branding. This included changing the colors of their corporate logo and branding along with rebranding all of the property level material. Now, individuals can easily identify between the corporate level and the property level. Since then, Morgan Properties has rapidly and successfully grown and has also developed a prominent position in the property management industry.

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